About us

Crystal Lens (PTY) LTD is a South African Photographic and Film Company offering professional photography and videography services. The business is Level 1 B-BBEE certified, owner managed by a group of technical and service driven individuals. The company consists of a diversified team of specialist associate photographers and is exclusively resourced to operate throughout the country,including the greater African continent and abroad.Its core services include weddings, portraits, studio, fashion, wildlife and corporate. The corporate suite consists of product photography, web imaging, corporate videos and video messaging. The business is built on its technical expertise, visual creativity, business ethics and customer excellence. Our values include integrity, accountability, and reliability. The company vision is to become a leader and supplier of choice in a highly competitive digital era.


Lead Photographer

Curtis is a professional photographer who grew up next to the world famous Kruger National Park. From just a boy he had the innate ability to capture wildlife simply using paints or a pencil. It was inevitable that throughout his teens a camera became part of his psyche and after school he went on to study the science of Film and Photography at the Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Science – a private university in Centurion, South Africa. His canvas fast evolved into the digital dimension but without losing the resolve to make every picture perfect.When working with Curtis, you will quickly realise that, you don’t have the average photographer but an artist who you can rely on for unrivaled service, creativity and captivating images.


Service Manager

Desiree is a chemist and quality systems specialist by profession. She has, in her career, set-up quality management systems and service protocols for large listed companies. With her expertise Crystal Lens Film & Photography is built on systems and procedures that fundamentally guarantee media quality and customer satisfaction. Having a Service Manager,behind the scenes at Crystal Lens, takes the pressure and stress away as you have someone making sure that your photos or videos meet your expectations.


Associate Photographer

Natalie is a professional Photographer who is a business associate and service partner to Crystal Lens Film & Photography (Pty) Ltd.  She grew up on the sunny South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, and now resides South of Durban. Natalie is an immensely creative individual, with a strong love of nature, poetry, and a huge soft spot for children. Photography is an art form that she is truly passionate about. She finds in every setting a diverse and fascinating studio where she is able to discover the extraordinary in the everyday, and capture beauty within imperfection. Natalie is dedicated to providing a satisfying customer experience, by offering both superior service & a high quality product. When working with Natalie, her charisma and infectious personality, you can always count on feeling relaxed, at ease and ready for your shoot